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Issue Free ENS SubnamesReward your community, generate revenue, and enhance your brand with ENS subnames.
Serving web3 leaders
Simple API Integration
Streamline bulk registration and name management with our API. Contact us for pricing.
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Admin Panel
Manage names with Admin Panel
Add, revoke, and edit who can claim names. Create blocklists to safeguard your community.
API access
Gasless User Benefits
Сlaiming an ENS name and changing text records, including
an avatar, requires zero gas fees
no gas
Registering Subdomains
no gas
Setting Avatars
no gas
Changing Text Records
Web3 usernames without the cost
Remove the price barrier of an ENS name with CCIP-read and NameStone.
API access
Enable community virality
Names get shared on social media sites, drawing more attention to your brand.
API access
A shared identity
People who share the same subname can easily find and connect with each other.
API access
The backbone for web3 names
No matter the project size, NameStone makes issuing and managing ENS subdomains a breeze.
Names issued
Resolutions (monthly)
L2 names issued
Hundreds of integrations
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Trusted by web3 natives
“NameStone supports us in our mission to help people save money. We’re excited by the opportunity to provide gasless ENS names to our users around the world.”
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“The greenpill network has local chapters in over 15 locations! From japan.greenpill.eth to ottawa.greenpill.eth to newyork.greenpill.eth, @namestonehq made it easy to issue subnames for our community.”
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“Issuing subnames with Namestone's API brought 500+ users to our platform in less than 48 hours. Our community loved it!”
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