ENS DAO, NameStone, and Governance: Delegate Recap

“If you see a wallet address anywhere in the wild, I’m not doing a good enough job.”
Last week, on August 8th, NameStone’s founder Alex Slobodnik joined Laurence Smith and Cameron O'Donnell on Delegate to discuss all things ENS DAO, NameStone, and ENS governance.
Delegate is a podcast centered around DAOs. Laurence and Cameron review DAO proposals, discuss governance, speak with industry leaders. Interested in learning more? Give their podcast a listen here.
In the podcast, Alex (aka Slobo) shares about his role as an ENS Steward, potential use cases for NameStone, and what to expect from ENS in the near future (gasless DNS import, anyone?). He calls out current events in the ENS ecosystem, namely the Name Wrapper, which allows subdomains to be fully trustless and monetizable. However, even with the Name Wrapper’s capabilities, creating subdomains (especially in bulk) still costs gas, which is where NameStone comes in.
“I want to be the enablement layer for web2 companies,” he says, in reference to Namestone's capability to to issue gasless ENS subdomains. With web2 companies wanting a fun, simple, and invisible first onboarding product that requires no knowledge of web3 to use, gasless subdomains may be the way to go.
Listen to the full interview here.