Admin Panel
NameStone provides an admin panel to brands for managing claimed names. Brand managers can use this tool to revoke, add, or edit names and addresses across multiple domains. Additional features will be released in the future.
Brand managers can revoke any issued name. Example use cases include removing offensive words or names used for impersonation. Revoking a name removes it from the “Claimed Names” list, meaning it will no longer resolve to the wallet that claimed it.
To revoke a name, press “Revoke” next to the desired name and confirm the action.
Managers can modify both names and the addresses they are issued to. This feature may be used to assist those who claimed a name but misspelled it, wish for a different one, or want to change the address their name resolves to.
To edit, select the edit icon that appears next to the name or address and make the desired change.
Brand managers can also add names directly to the “Claimed Names” list, effectively bypassing any implemented claim process. This could be used for custom requestions or managing team names.
To add a new name, press the “Add Name” button and input the name and the address it will resolve to. Note that an address can resolve to more than one name.